Last year, Mike Freely, Managing Director of Octink, met David Cameron at Downing Street during a visit to discuss the ‘Big Society’. This time we went one better when David Cameron spent a couple of hours at our offices, accompanied by Business Minister Ed Davey and local MP Mary McLeod.

The visit, arranged by the London Chamber of Commerce, gave David Cameron the opportunity to sound out local businesses about his plans for new employment legislation. In particular, he hopes to introduce legislation to alleviate the huge problems that industrial tribunals cause small companies.

David Cameron visits Octink

David Cameron speaking to me in Octink’s print room

During a tour of our factory, David Cameron asked how Octink can still manufacture in London. I told him about the flexibility this gives us, describing the time that we got a panel on site to an event within 90 minutes of being ordered! He was very keen to hear about Octink’s R3 recycling policy, which he feels could be of interest for a government working group. Another fact that caught his attention was Octink’s constant reinvestment in technology, even when times are hard, to stay ahead of the competition. David Cameron was very complimentary about Octink; he thinks our octopus rebrand has great impact (we agree – we’ve always thought it had legs!), our offices and factory are very well laid out and the workforce is ‘extremely pleasant’. He views our plans to grow the business in the current climate as very ambitious, adding that ‘ambitious companies are exactly what this country needs’.

David Cameron’s visit gave everyone in our Brentford offices a great boost.

You can read more about the Prime Minister’s visit on The London Chamber of Commerce site: Prime Minister meets LCCI members

Mary Macleod MP wrote about David Cameron’s visit to Brentford in the Hounslow Chronicle.

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