I have worked incredibly hard over the years to get Octink into a position where every day I came to work was not another day that added to the woes of an overburdened planet. Heavy words? Not really. How else can I put it?

In my own mind I hope that the predictions for climate change are either flawed or completely wrong. Simply for my children’s sake I want this to be the case. Octink will not be the part of the legacy left behind that had a blatant disregard for the environment. I have strong belief that even if the climate change lobby is wrong it doesn’t really matter as the way that we all do business simply needs to be changed. Yes, today’s profit has to be a large factor in our decision making, but at what cost tomorrow?

Octink has made huge progress in its own efforts at change. The good news is that at every turn we have saved money. This is absolute fact. Since we started work on our recycling programme we have diverted hundreds of tonnes of waste away from landfill. This alone is a great base to build on. I believe this has saved Octink £2,500 – £4,000 per month. Those sort of figures are not to be trifled with, and what’s more I needed to do nothing. I think you are probably really listening now.

What happens to our waste? We send all our PVC sheet (Foamex etc.) straight back to the supplier, we then buy this back as recycled sheet (85%) and use it all over again. Dibond from our good friends Alcan we send back to them. They take the aluminium off for use in a lower grade product and the plastic goes towards road aggregate and similar projects. All our packaging is reused as raw material for new packaging.

All we need to do is sort it out, compact it and use our supply routes to ship it back to the source.

Octink can even reuse products that are not recyclable. We send massive PVC banners to an antique railway museum to wrap up old trains. Have a look at Octink’s blog and pictures here. This is a great winner for PR purposes. Other banners we can get used for playground flooring.

Re-using items is hugely undervalued. Have a look at the schools enjoying projects using some of our waste!. The local schools in our area have benefited greatly from using some of our waste in creative ways. We are all too quick to fill up our bins simply because it is easy.

Look at what you buy. Metal is better than wood. Do you factor in the recycle value for those products which come straight back to you? Wood is heavy and when painted very difficult to recycle.

All in all, big words are just that, words. Looking after our environment could be so much more simple if we all tried to look a little further down the line.

by Octink in Latest News