One of the country’s biggest and most exciting development project, which will be a truly aspirational place to live, is now firmly on its way. The launch on the 28th April was well attended and opened by MP Phil Hope.

I have been fortunate enough to be involved on the preparation of the site in terms of the marketing suite fit out internally and the signage in conjunction with Pelican Studios.

Priors Hall Park marketing suite installation

We have uploaded a set of images showing Octink’s fit out of the marketing suite and development signage on Flickr.

The project was in conjunction with De Boer. Octink had been contacted to project manage and install the marketing areas. The surprises were the chosen structures and working out how to deliver the project in under 4 weeks. De Boer and Octink met regularly with the client and worked to deliver this together. It was testament to strong communication on how these projects can work smoothly.

It was thanks to the Homes & Communities Agency and its ‘Kickstart’ programme that this scheme took off. Kickstart funding has been secured thanks to the efforts of North Northants Development Company (NNDC) and local partners. However political support from Ian Wright and Phil Hope ensured that the funding became a reality, and has played a massive role in bringing the construction industry back to work.

With work having begun on-site at Priors Hall Park, the result to the local Corby community is the creation of over 200 jobs. With over 400 houses being built and sold on the site over the next year, the impact that these initiatives will have upon the local area is huge. The main draw is the value of this scheme being so convenient to the refurbished train station (images on Flickr) at Corby and it being 40 minutes into London. I was amazed as it can take me the same time to drive less than 5 miles to work!

Coupled to this, the £8.3 million Enterprise Centre, which will offer local fledgling businesses the best possible opportunity to get off the ground and promote their future, and the fantastic £30 million Corby Business Academy, a learning institution of the highest level, the inward investment to the region promises to bring a very bright future.

The Future Centre at Priors Hall Park, which was opened on Wednesday 28th April, is without doubt the largest and most exciting centre for the delivery of new homes in the country. But it is also an important vehicle to demonstrate the change that has been delivered in the area, and the bright future that is planned. Illustrating how ‘North Londonshire’ will grow, it leaves no doubts in peoples’ minds that they must keep sailing this ship in the same direction.

Alfred Buller, Director of Bela Partnership, the development company behind Priors Hall Park, explains; “It doesn’t really matter about your politics, but no MP has done more for their constituency in the time I’ve known them than Phil Hope. He has encouraged and delivered more investment per capita than many, or all of his colleagues, and I am delighted he’s here to open the Future Centre, as without him these homes, jobs and incomes wouldn’t be here.”

Although only promoted to date through local channels, some 30 properties have already been sold at Priors Hall Park, and there is genuine excitement amongst those buying into the scheme that they are involved in something different and very special. The value is clear to see.

Corby will certainly be a better place for Priors Hall Park. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the team and highly recommend a visit.

by Octink in Latest News