Having first popped up in the retail sector in large urban cities in the early 1990s, pop-ups shops – despite the fact that their appeal lies in their impermanence – are now a well-established promotional tool. These instant marketing environments have an obvious appeal for companies that want to launch a new product or brand, generate sales or simply create a ‘buzz’ around their brand.

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With summer approaching, seasonal pop-up shops will soon be appearing on high streets and in shopping malls everywhere. In our world of immediacy, shoppers want purchases to be fast and hassle-free, while marketers want the flexibility to seamlessly ‘vanish’ their summer promotion as soon as the first leaf drops.

The main reason for the popularity of pop-up shops among retailers and marketers alike is that they can create a multi-sensory experience just cannot be replicated in the digital world. When used as a form of experiential marketing, a pop-up helps to build a stronger bond between the customer and the brand by immersing them in an experience that is both fun and memorable.

Octink is a specialist in creating pop-up shops and other instant marketing environments. From temporary retail spaces and brand experience centres through to marketing suites, we’ve been conceptualising, creating and building them for a long time. From painstakingly recreating a pop-up high street to building a unique pop-up gaming café in West London, we’ve done it all. Short deadlines, bespoke branding and installation teams prepared to go that extra mile… it’s what we do best.

So when longstanding client The Berkeley Group wanted a VIP marketing suite to ‘pop-up’ for a day at London Biggin Hill Airport in South East London, they turned to Octink. The luxurious suite was designed for international property investors to be able to fly in and spend some time getting to know the Berkeley Homes developments in a comfortable environment, before flying out again. In a perfect execution of the ‘elite’ design brief, Octink created a plush and contemporary champagne-coloured interior, and installed chandeliers, sumptuous furniture and high-end flooring. The structure was a flat-pack construction that was built entirely on our premises before being sent to the site in pieces and reassembled in situ.

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Octink may be great at building short-term structures, but we never lose sight of the long-term when it comes to the environment. With our R3 (Recover-Recycle-Reuse) programme we actively encourage recycling and reuse, which fits neatly with our clients’ growing desire to consider the environment.

If you’re in the market for any kind of pop-up, just pick up the phone and speak to an expert Octink project manager. Together, we can bring your idea to life.

Here at Octink we have unrivalled experience of producing marketing suites and pop up display spaces. Further to this we design and produce bespoke signage solutions, including advertising hoardings and building wraps. Contact us today to discover more about our diverse range of architectural signage solutions.

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