Why Employee Engagement really matters

February 25th, 2016 by

Mike Freely, Managing Director, Octink

We have recently been awarded a one-star accreditation by Best Companies for 2016, a recognition that we are very proud of as it highlights the excellent engagement we have with our employees. Best Companies have been producing the Accreditation standard for the last 10 years to acknowledge excellence in the workplace, with a ‘focus on Workplace Engagement as an integral component of an organisation’s success and growth’.

When we started the process of applying back in 2015, we already knew that the workplace interaction we have here at Octink is second to none. The procedure we went through over the following months was rigorous, leaving no stone unturned, and culminating in a detailed employee survey which looked into every aspect of the working life within our company and which over 80% of employees took part in.

While the accreditation is just one, very welcome, outcome of this whole process, I’m delighted that the results proved that as a company we are engaged on such a deep level with our workforce. With this engagement we are able to reap the benefits, as the results of the Best Companies survey have highlighted areas like leadership and the company setup overall where we obviously do a great job, but also areas like wellbeing where there is room for improvement. The honesty of our staff means that we can take the necessary action.

In my opinion every company should strive to operate in this manner as it lends itself to excellent internal and external communication, high performance, and a business that can only thrive going forward. So if there’s one goal you have for 2016, why not make it #workplaceengagement?