Clear Hoarding at Millbank - Octink

Clear Hoarding at Millbank

It's fair to say we've produced our share of hoardings at Octink over the years. This bespoke clear hoarding is something truly unique. Because of the building work's close vicinity to security services and their cameras, surveillance was a necessity. This meant that the hoarding needed to be clear so that the cameras could see through at the building works going on inside the site. Our client St Edward and their agency Sectorlight could have seen this as a restriction. Instead, they decided to run with idea and to great effect! Consequently, they have created a local landmark and a stand-out hoarding within the central London market.


Totalling 60 metres, this hoarding is made of 10mm clear poly-carbonate. We then printed a vignette pattern in a fade out from the bottom of these panels. Built up 3D lettering cut from acrylic in the Millbank logo was then embedded with LED lighting. This hoarding is finished off with metallic kicking and capping, featuring illumination to give this bespoke hoarding a truly classy feel.

If you're interested in an advertising or site hoarding - or perhaps something more bespoke - Don't hesitate to contact us.

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