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LandAid and Octink – Wild Goose Chase 2019

What does home mean to you?

During 2019, Octink have committed to raise over £10,000 for LandAid. This charity is recognised as the charity for the property & construction industries to help young, homeless people in England. They do this by bringing the industry together to support their cause, a model that we've implemented in our wild goose chase event!


Scarily, this year around 86,000 young people, aged between 16-26 years, will be homeless. This isn’t just living on the streets though, it includes staying in hostels or ‘sofa-surfing’ with friends and relatives. Accordingly, these young people have nowhere to call ‘HOME’, nowhere to feel safe, nowhere that is private, secure and affordable - what does home mean to you?

There are many reasons for youth homelessness but the ‘Young and Homeless 2018*’ study shows that family breakdown accounts for 49% of all young persons’ homelessness. Secondly, other factors include welfare benefit reform, leaving care homes, mental or physical disabilities and substance misuse. Comparatively, this report also shows that there are now more young, female homeless. (44% female, 50% male). The largest age group are 18-21 year olds with 54%. This scary report shows how close the risk of homelessness is to ordinary people.

What do Land Aid do?

‘Providing homes, changing lives’. Their aim is to provide safe, suitable and affordable accommodation for young people facing homelessness and to give them a brighter future. Obviously, we're proud to support charities delivering life changing services for young people like LandAid. They are making a real difference today, and are poised to continue to tackle youth homelessness in the future.

Octink’s Wild Goose Chase – September 2019

We’re inviting suppliers and partners to enter teams of four into a Wild Goose Chase around Central London. It’s a day to test skill and teamwork whilst having fun and helping us raise the target of £10,000.

Firstly, teams will start in a Central London location and you’ll be sent instructions and clues to find hotspots, do activities, all the time racing against the competition. You’ll explore parts of central London you know and some you don’t!

It will be a day where you’ll get to meet more of the Octink team and other key suppliers and partners in our supply chain. Of course, we hope to strengthen our relationship with you and also introduce you to other great suppliers as we bring the property industry and print industries together for a great cause.

Along the way there will be refreshments and the Chase culminates in an ‘Awards’ ceremony with drinks and food.

Of course, there are several ways you can be involved:

    • Be a Super Sponsor

      – enter a team, sponsor a hotspot, have your logo on the day’s branding on screen and in the HQ

    • Enter a team

- enter a team to take part in the event!

  • Make a donation

    – if you can’t make it!


Finally, speak to Brad, Debs or Mike to hear more about the day and how you can get involved.

*Young and Homeless 2018. Report based on findings of 109 service providers and 79 local authorities dealing with 4,981 young people.

Who Are We? Octink are specialist suppliers of Signage, Hoardings, Events & Display Graphics. Contact us to talk about a project, or to express your interest in helping us and LandAid reach their fundraising goal today.

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