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New Balance Olympic Activation – corporate interior | graphics | furniture

Selected as their Olympic event delivery partner Octink managed multiple stakeholders to bring together the entire build and interior fit-out of the New Balance Olympic activation for London 2012 on the 28th floor of Millbank Tower.

Working in partnership with Manchester-based event management company Definitive Events the build was used as its ‘London 2012 Olympic House’ entertaining VIP Guests, customers and senior executives. Utilising the creative platform of Past, Present and Future the build took just seven days to transform the space into a Circa 1906 industrial warehouse interior.

From client visuals, our events team took control of the eventual design, build and overall project logistics ensuring the space was delivered on time, on budget and on vision. Along with the build structure and surfaces, we commissioned furniture manufacturers to produce contemporary furniture that complemented the space too.

With sustainability at the heart of the project our team sourced reclaimed 25-year old flooring from a school gymnasium in Scotland and interior wall surfaces sourced from reclaimed bricks from a redundant Victorian Manchester factory. From the outset our approach was to look at the reuse of build elements beyond the build too. Following the end of London 2012, the entire fit-out and furniture has been retained and this unique interior will continue to be used as a new private hire events space, Skyloft London.

A sense of community - as a secondary theme we invited Kingston University design students to create custom built pieces of furniture from waste shoe making materials. The 13 items of furniture, which were inspired by methods of shoe design, New Balance’s product range and its sustainability values, became a frequent talking point amongst guests.

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