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The Laszlo Brand Overlay & Signage Scheme – Dorrington

The Laszlo signage scheme involved a wide variety of signage types materials and applications applied to a brand new commercial office at Archway, North London - a 1920's warehouse building by Dorrington. Working with appointed agency Siren Design and the scheme architects, the Octink Team assisted with the specification, production and application in alignment with the creative ambition for the scheme.


  • To co-ordinate concept designs into working solutions
  • To utilise materials to meet the required service life of the scheme
  • To design technical signage to integrate into the existing fabric of the building
  • To ultimately create head turning signage with kerb appeal
  • Deliver in time for the UK Launch


With a scope to provide both internal and external graphic elements we worked closely with Siren to develop the concept design intent into reality. Externally, abseil teams applied the scheme's brand identity to the highest sections of brickwork, while a glass stairwell was transformed with the application of translucent vinyl. Further permanent signage included a set of fret-cut illuminated letters powder coated the scheme colour, while inside subtle wall vinyl and glass manifestations provided a clean look and wayfinding to complement the internal architectural features.


A head turning branding scheme with true kerb appeal achieved through complementary design.

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