Recently I was asked what it takes to become a leading marketing suite specialist, and a few things immediately sprang to mind: a love of great design; an enjoyment of problem solving and sourcing quality materials; adopting innovative techniques, and commitment from team members across the company. All of these statements are true, but ultimately the one word which sticks out is Experience. Keybridge House Marketing Suite and Build by Octink

While those traits mentioned above drive what we do, our experience in this sector underpins how we execute our ideas and solutions to provide a superior service. From the early days of when marketing suites were small portacabins, to the intricate and eye-catching modern structures being built today, the Octink team has seen and done it all – and we are always learning and applying these lessons to the next job.Wardian London window display by Octink

We have built every type of marketing suite possible and, while no two building sites are the same, nothing is unfamiliar to us. This insight benefits the way we approach every stage of the customer journey, ensuring we deliver an end-product that meets both our own and our customers’ high standards.

Westvale marketing suite and build by Octink

Below are some examples of how our experience shapes our approach:

Thorough brief
This may sound obvious, but the briefing stage is critical. It’s here that we can define exactly what a customer is looking for, determine their target market, what their budget is and how we can respond to this criteria to accurately deliver the job to their specifications – on time and on budget. The key is to listen to every detail, no matter how small.

Once we’ve clarified the proposed location and how much a client is willing to spend, we discuss the creative design with their team. This includes working seamlessly with any marketing department (as well as any advertising agency) to ensure we’re aligning with marketing objectives and messaging.

We’re flexible enough to cater to most budgets, and it’s during this phase that we can draw on our expertise and creative nous to deliver a valuable marketing suite concept that works for the individual client – whether it’s a for a development of high-end luxury houses or more standard first-time homes.

Keybridge House Marketing Suite Interior by Octink

The initial CGI concept is crucial, and getting it right at the beginning of the design phase lays the foundation to form a close partnership that helps the whole process flow a lot more easily with minimal pushback or bottlenecks up the line. We have vast experience in visualising and expanding on our clients’ ideas, owing to our understanding of how to speak the language of individual stakeholders – whether they’re in project management, marketing, sales or the architect or interior designer. We’re able to communicate with any department in an organisation to develop a marketing suite that is multi-dimensional and delivers an ROI for all involved.Elephant Park Experience Suite and Interior by Octink

Understanding the market
The property development industry is moving at phenomenal pace, especially in the London market, with new trends every minute (such as the current taste for brick and polished concrete). More than ever, we know it’s important to keep abreast with these trends to ensure our marketing suites are reflective of the industry as a whole. Very little passes us by, and we continuously aim to be leading the way with innovation and market developments.Chiswick Gate Marketing Suite Build and Interior by Octink

Meeting tight deadlines is increasingly a decisive factor in winning a job. However, we are careful that that speed never sacrifices the quality of the end-product. Our experience in project management enables us to efficiently plan resources and manage client expectations, ensuring we can deliver projects within tight timeframes that are agreed upon at the outset. It’s all about striking a balance and having the experience to set achievable targets.

To benefit from our experience, speak to us today about your marketing suite needs, we’d be delighted to help.

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