Whether you’re part of a successful events team or just beginning an event planning career, paying attention to details and getting ahead is key. An event manager who plans and executes a well thought-out plan is going to be more in control and have a better overall event. And yet, you don’t need expensive event management software or years of event planning experience to get ahead! The most successful event planners quickly define the type of event they are charged with planning, get to work on the basics!

Let’s start with a favourite of ours… signage!

What signs do I need for my event?

Think back to any event you’ve been to – there will be signage. Half the time you won’t even notice that they’re there, until you need them! When event planning, any event coordinator needs to consider why they need signage. This will help specify your signage requirements. Initially, you should think of signage opportunities for practical purposes.

Firstly, wayfinding is key, so it might be a good idea to start there. Signs that indicate facilities such as toilets, exits, bars and food are also necessary. In addition, they will also enhance the customer experience as no one will be getting lost around your venue or outdoor event. Safety and crowd control for large scale or live events with a high footfall are also a must. In addition, you can use signage to build brand awareness and create a buzz by having your logo at the eye line around your venue.

Wayfinding signage at chelsea flower show after careful event planning

Now you have an idea of the different signage you will need. But how can you make sure your event is a success?

Build a team

You’re never alone when event planning! Remember that your signage supplier is there to help you. They can offer insightful advice and solutions using their experience. Don’t be afraid to ask questions or for help. There is no such thing as a silly question when dealing with event planning and event signage ideas! You might just catch a mistake before it’s too late!

It’s important to build a team between yourself, the creative agency, your sign supplier and the venue and use your communication skills to keep everything moving. A great working relationship will ensure communication is perfect between all these moving pieces. This in turn will reflect on the quality and accuracy of your event branding and delivery!


Check your permissions!

Your venue will have strict guidelines on what you can and cannot do within the venue. This is true from marquees all the way to luxury hotels. It’s imperative to obtain these and read them carefully before you start to avoid wasting time on ideas are not suitable for the venue. Make sure to share these ideas with your signage provider. They may have a work-around method or alternative solution to implement it within the venue’s restrictions.

Please note, another aspect of event planning is securing your licenses. Book your work permissions, parking and access passes and any health and safety documentation as soon as you can. You’ll find as your event approaches the list of things to be done will get very long. So get this one in hand early.

Red Bull The London Eye event planning

Visualise the customer journey

Think carefully about the positioning of your event signage. Remember the venue will be a crowded space during your event, so positioning is key! This is particularly true of trade shows. Is the logo on the reception desk going to be hidden behind the queue of people coming in? Would the exit door be a more prominent location and the last thing they see when they leave your event? Think signs up high. A top tip here, surveys are crucial! Get your sign provider on site to survey and ask them to provide visual template and size guides to the creative agency at the earliest opportunity.

South Park Events after careful event planning

Get ahead with the detail

Proof reading takes time, but it’s time well spent. This should be the first thing you do – not the last! Many proof-readers find they spot more errors on paper than on screen, so why not try this too? The cost of a reprinted sign will far outweigh the cost of an A4 print out. Here at Octink, we often read the copy out loud to a colleague to catch any spelling or grammatical errors. In the event industry there is very little margin for last minute corrections. Phone numbers and web addresses frequently contain errors, so double check the detail! Give your creative agency and sign supplier clear and accurate briefs. In addition, issue a realistic timeline and stick to it.


Installation and Removal

Don’t forget to plan time for the signs to be fitted and for the signs to be removed after the event, look out for working hours restrictions of the venue. Here’s another top-tip: Use adhesive backed arrows for directional signs, as these can be added and changed on site. This results in flexibility and one less headache for you on install day. Also, if you’re having window graphics, remember to use a vinyl that leaves no residue on the window once removed!


What Else?

Merchandise and giveaways can be a great way to boost engagement. Why not have a social media competition to bolster your digital marketing strategy and draw people in? Social events are successful events!

Remember, when event planning, you’re looking for the wow factor! Your sign supplier can supply stunning props, providing great photo opportunities for your event-goers and attract attention for your brand. You could even look into banner stands with sponsorship opportunities! Also, if its a corporate event, registration ideas can be used to gather potential leads from your event! Finally, If this event will be repeated on a regular basis, post-event evaluation is important. Have a follow up meeting with your assembled team to discuss areas and work methods that can be improved.


How can we help?

Octink has been special events signage supplier for some huge events. From the Goodwood Festival of Speed all the way to the London 2012 Olympics! We’ve done it all! If you have any questions about great events signage, or need an event or exhibition partner whist event planning, don’t hesitate to contact us today. A member of our dedicated events team will be happy to get back to you. For further reading, we also have loads more event ideas here!


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