Businesses and brands are forever striving to make an immediate, positive and lasting impression on potential customers. Indeed, an initial encounter with a company can be crucial. After all, as the old adage goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! One way in which to do this, which you may not have even considered, is to use outdoor signage.

Elmsbrook exterior signage and outdoor illuminated signage

However, it can be difficult to know which types of outdoor signage are suitable for your business. Fortunately, here at Octink, we have extensive experience in producing a range of exterior signs and illuminated signage (50 years’ experience to be precise)! With this time, comes knowledge and we want to share ours with you. Read on to learn about different types of outdoor signage, as well as examples to get you inspired.

W1 Hoarding with exterior signage

Architectural signage

Architectural signage is a type of outdoor signage that compliments buildings or incorporates architectural elements of a designed structure. Practical and pleasing to the eye, these types of outdoor signage can make a great addition to your building or store. Either they stand alone or can be attached to a wall or pole, or they can be integrated into or onto walls and floors to become part of the design of a building. We can specify, produce and install a wide range of architectural signage.

Architectural exterior signage on the Royal Albert Wharf Marketing Suite

As well as offering information, they can be used for brand identification or wayfinding for a building. Crucially, font or colours that draw attention to the architectural signage will raise the visibility of the message. For further inspiration, take a look at the architectural signage we provided for The Lexicon. We brought their signage concept to life by designing, prototyping, manufacturing and installing eighty projecting blade signs for each and every new shop front.

Architectural Exterior Signage and retail signs

Advertising Hoardings

Quite simply, an advertising hoarding is another name for a billboard. Typically found in high traffic areas such as alongside busy roads, these types of outdoor signage are excellent for presenting information to passing pedestrians and drivers. They are specifically designed to attract the attention of those who are ‘on the go’.

Advertising hoardings and exterior signage

Dumont advertising hoarding and exterior signage

Due to their sheer size and scale, this type of outdoor signage can be extremely powerful and effective. At Octink, we created an impressive hoarding for Battersea Power Station. More than 500 meters of printed hoarding was erected around the power station site boundary.

Battersea Power Station exterior signage and hoarding

Battersea power station hoarding and exterior signage

Building Wraps

Building wraps are typically used in the development industry for functional and aesthetic reasons. Indeed, they are designed to conceal building and renovation work from view, as well as protect pedestrians from falling debris during the build process.

Building wraps and exterior signage for Filmworks

Exterior signage, building wrap and hoarding for Nova SW1

However, this type of outdoor signage can also be used as powerful and effective marketing tool, allowing you to convert your building into a promotional space.

Event Signage

We provided signage solutions and building wraps for many key sponsors and exhibitors at Goodwood Festival of Speed. Take a look at some of the life-sized and attention-grabbing images that we’ve created for the likes of Mercedes, BMW and Mini Cooper.


Building wrap and exterior signage at Goodwood

Building wrap and exterior signage at Goodwood

Like what you’ve read? Which types of outdoor signage do you think would be appropriate for your business? If you’re uncertain, you can get in touch today via the contact form and speak with an expert Octink project manager. Together, we can discuss your options and bring your ideas to life!just pick up the phone and speak to an expert Octink project manager.

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