We answer the frequently asked questions about Hoardings…

We’re masters at printing and installing outdoor advertising hoardings for construction sites! Because of this, we’ve gathered a wealth of knowledge and common questions that people have asked along the way. To help out, we’ve created a frequently asked questions about hoardings to answer any questions you may have, but feel free to talk with our experts for more details!

How tall are hoardings usually?

Hoarding Subframe being built

Most hoardings around building sites are commonly 2.4 metres high, however larger and smaller examples regularly occur. In fact, shops and other commercial works are routinely higher. Obviously, the main purpose of hoardings is health and safety based, protecting the public from the construction works going on within – so make sure that your hoardings’ design doesn’t compromise this!

What are hoardings made out of?

2 Octink installers moving a hoarding panel

They can be made out of a wide range of materials, however its usually made of plywood. From here, the site boards can then be clad in graphic panels. Here at Octink we use an aluminium composite substrate. These panels are both lightweight and sturdy, and also provide the perfect canvas to print high quality advertising or messaging. We recently created a blog post about how best to use this advertising space!

Can the weather affect my hoarding?

A weather proof hoarding in London

Yes! Whilst it’s important that the base structure meets British Standards, the hoarding panels can move and buckle in extreme heat or cold. To see how we combat this, please see our fixing template!

What do I need to include in the design brief?

Hoarding Technical Drawing

Having a solid brief is the first step to a stress-free site hoarding! Our account handlers are experts, so can help to fill in any blanks, but here are some top tips on what to include:

· Site location

· Expected duration of hoarding

· Height and length

· Details of any electrical illumination

· Details of any decorative or bespoke element

I see that Octink provide surveys – what’s included in this?

Octink installer surveying a hoarding

We always require site surveys before we plan a hoarding project, and we prefer to do them ourselves so we can brief our internal team on all elements of the job. The survey contains 20 considerations and checklist points, all carried out by an experienced Octink surveyor. Everything from positioning of breaks and returns that may affect graphic placement, through to wind and crowd load factors are considered.

How do you create your printed hoardings?

Hoarding panel being printed

Large format printing is what we do best! We print your design onto ACM panels using the latest in UV printing technology for vibrant and long-lasting prints. The panels are then sealed with a laminate of your choice, keeping your design looking as vibrant as the day it was printed! We have a wide range of laminates available, including our customers favourite – anti graffiti! Our installers then bring it to your site and install it for you.

What is ‘Kicking and Capping’ and why is it important?

Hoarding with Blue Kicking & Capping

Kicking and capping are lengths of timber that run along the bottom (kicking) and the top (capping) of your hoarding. These skirtings sandwich the ACM panels in place and increase stability within the hoarding by spanning and supporting the individual panels. From a design point, we can also clad these in printed ACM, allowing your design a larger surface area!

Can you colour match my existing branding?

Colour matched red hoarding for colindale

Yes – within tolerances. Colours tend to drift depending on the inks and printing system used. To combat this, Octink use the latest in colour matching technology, regularly working with colour management firms to ensure our technology is always performing at its best! We strive to achieve full colour matching on all hoardings printed here. In addition, we work seamlessly with your chosen design agency or graphic designers.

What is the service life of an Octink hoarding?

Hoarding Service Life

Generally, our standard Octink service life is 2 years. This may change depending on the size and spec of your project. This can be increased with an Octink maintenance contract where we maintain your hoarding for you, keeping it clean and defect free.

My hoarding is likely to get dirty / suffer some superficial damage; can you help?

A hoarding in need of a clean

Yes – we can! We have launched our Octink Maintenance Programs. This service means we maintain your hoarding on a scheduled basis. Construction site hoardings around a development site perimeter tend to get dirty be their very nature. Of course, letting us handle this takes the stress away from you and keeps your brand identity tarnish free!

I’d like to have a hoarding installed but the ground is too hard for posts, can I still have one?

Hoarding Foundations

Definitely, there are alternatives to the traditional post-in-hole hoarding systems. The foundation decision will be solely based on your design and ground conditions – these vary from site to site. Your Octink hoarding expert will be able to advise on the perfect solution for your needs.

How often should my hoarding be inspected?

Octink installer inspects a hoarding site

Undeniably, all building site hoardings should be regularly inspected during their service life and risk assessments carried out. The duration between these checks should be determined after installation. However, it should never be longer than 6 months between checks. Of course, Octink are happy to carry out these scheduled checks for you as part of our Octink Maintenance Program.

In this article we have answered the most frequently asked questions about hoardings, but if you have a different question or want further information – we’re here to help!

About us: Octink are experts in visual communication, whether it be signage, display graphics, hoardings, events & exhibitions or interior solutions. Our expert team will handle your project end-to-end. This means that from initial conversations & design, right the way through to production & install – you’re working with the best in the business! If you’d like to talk to us about a project, please don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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