In recent years, the evolution of the residential property sector in London has seen the emergence of a new phenomenon: the marketing suite. The concept of a ‘marketing suite’ is by no means new, however the days of a simple portacabin dispatched to a dusty site in readiness for either residential or commercial footfall are long gone. Today companies are investing heavily in state-of-the-art buildings to drive sales and deliver visitor experience – quite a change!


Creating a marketing suite is about creating a customer experience that evokes a feeling of what the finished site is going to be like. It needs interactivity and information, but it’s really about the whole experience – an aspirational environment for the buyer, but still one that demonstrates possible return on investment for the investor. Together with its immediate location and the signage and branding that surround it, a marketing suite will usually be a potential buyer’s first impression of a development and or developer. As the first step on their journey as a potential buyer, the experience has to communicate the right message and highlight the features that will appeal to each different kind of customer.


The challenge for developers and their contractors is in bringing all of that into a building site, and doing so quickly! To achieve that, you really need to understand the brand and the customer journey, as well as being able to meet requirements on the technical side in terms of design, safety compliance, regulation, and of course quality of finish.


The idea of the marketing suite is really gaining momentum now. We’ve done more than 1,000 marketing suites in five years for one residential customer alone, and across London our work spans everything from small modular solutions right up to bespoke design and build projects for both the residential and commercial property markets. It’s an exciting advance for the industry, and as marketing suites evolve, both approaches to design and the materials being used are becoming more and more creative and innovative. It’s a very exciting time to be working in this space.

by Octink in Latest News