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We are proud to announce our partnership with LandAid for 2019 supporting the charity through fundraising and providing expertise to their events and projects.

Youth homelessness is a rising epidemic nationally. There are currently 86,000 people sleeping rough or being forced into dangerous and exploitative situations just to keep a roof over their heads. LandAid aims to end this, and is uniquely poised to make a real difference – with Octink providing fundraising support to help them achieve this goal. We’re immensely proud to have Octink partner with LandAid and make their cause our cause.

The “Running out of Options” video below provides a poignant and thought provoking insight into the plight of homeless young people and the challenge that faces LandAid and its partners.


LandAid is supported solely by the property industry, with investors, lenders, developers and suppliers combining together in this era of affordable housing to try and help the nationwide issue that is youth homelessness.

Figures suggest that there are over 200,000 derelict or uninhabited buildings in the UK. and LandAid’s plan is to redevelop as many of these as possible into liveable, thriving homes for young homeless people using the support of the property industry. Their flagship project is the aptly named LandAid House in Errol Street. This former YMCA centre is currently being redeveloped into a safe haven ready for a Summer 2019 opening. It will feature 146 rooms for those in need, as well as training facilities for the attendees to learn basic self-sufficiency skills such as cooking and budgeting.

Our role as partner is to raise £10,000 in 2019 through fundraising whilst using our knowledge base to aid in any projects requiring any of our key service offerings. Our financial donation could provide 200 full sets of bedding for new residents or provide 77 young people with breakfasts for an entire year. It could paint 20 flats housing 5 people each or buy 8 solar panels to provide cheap clean electricity. It could furnish 5 bedrooms or fully furnish 2 clusters of flats, giving young people somewhere to live, relax and socialise. These tangible differences create real impact to young people’s lives, helping them get back on track. As well as this, instead of buying corporate gifts for our clients and partners this Christmas, we’ve chosen to make donations to LandAid in their name. Whilst this obviously benefits the charity, it’s also keeping with the giving spirit of Christmas, something its all too easy to forget.

We are immensely proud to have Octink partner with LandAid and our part in the future initiatives they have planned. Together, LandAid and Octink can make a real change and saving lives all across the UK.

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