By Jason Hawthorne, MD, Wagstaffs digital design agency

Visitors to the Taylor Wimpey marketing suite at the Chobham Manor development, where the London 2012 Olympic Games were held, have seen first-hand what, a few years ago, would have seemed impossible.

Chobham Manor

On one hand they can buy homes on a site that recently hosted the world’s greatest athletes, but which only a few years before then was a desolate wasteland, geographically close to London but practically far removed. Now 850 new homes have sprung up, connected to central London by quick, accessible transport links, and positioned in the heart of a flourishing neighbourhood with a fast emerging retail and leisure offer.

Yet that is not the only revolution visitors to Chobham Manor are experiencing. They are also getting the opportunity to experience the property marketing suite of the future.

Tomorrow’s marketing suite

Not so long ago computer generated images (CGIs) were revolutionary. Now property marketing is entering a whole new era, and the marketing suite at Chobham Manor is right at the forefront of this change. In the revolutionary suite, our interactive 3D modelling technology, VUITNOW, works within Octink’s immersive marketing suite to give potential buyers a clear sense of what it will be like to live in Chobham Manor.


Displayed on a vast 100” touchtable, VUITNOW takes buyers on a virtual 3D tour of the development, showing them what the houses will look like from every angle, both externally and internally, and how they will fit within the surrounding community.

They can search by property price and number of bedrooms, and then see precisely where each property will be on the site, the views from its windows, and its internal layout. Users can also save and compare floorplans of the new homes and email screenshots to themselves. Four people can operate it concurrently and independently. Elsewhere in the marketing suite, homebuyers can find iPads with VUITNOW loaded ready for them to explore.

Systems like this need the perfect environment. Potential buyers need the right space in which to consider their options and get a good feel for the development where they’re considering buying – not only to see it, but also to have it be tangible as part of the overall visitor experience. At Chobham Manor, Octink’s marketing suite and our VUITNOW technology, together with the show apartments and roof terrace with stunning views across the development, Queen Elizabeth Park and central London, all work together to provide a truly immersive experience for would-be buyers.

A revolution

More and more developers are looking at how this blend of cutting-edge technology and meticulously designed show homes is affecting sales rates and prices, and they are beginning to wonder what it could do for their developments.

Once CGIs seemed a major step on from site maps, elevations and watercolours. Soon CGIs will seem similarly antiquated as property marketing embraces interactive 3D technology like VUITNOW. It really is a revolution that’s taking place down at Chobham Manor.

by Octink in Latest News