As the pace at which the construction sector begins its return to work increases, the UK’s top housebuilders in particular are reviewing their customer journeys and considering how they need to adapt to become covid secure.

How to keep both staff and customers safe is the prime consideration, however trying to assess how marketing suites and sales environments will look and function without the usual level of customer engagement and interactivity is where the new customer experience will be won or lost.

In this article we’ve developed a 10 Point FAQ to try and provide both some clarity and points to consider in making a property brand space that overcomes pain points, continues to deliver customer service and is covid secure.

Q1 – We are planning a phased re mobilisation of our site teams and sales offices, where do we start?

A – the planning starts with risk assessment and a review of the existing customer journey map, carefully segmenting all the project ‘stakeholders’ and groups to ensure that everyone is considered – sales teams, construction workforce, customers and of course existing residents all need to be included in a plan.

Advertising hoarding with social distancing message at the start of a housing development customer journeyQ2 – Where should the messaging start?

A – we would recommend addressing the customer journey into any site at the earliest opportunity – adding flashes to main signs, hoardings or even flags will give customers the re-assurance that the site is safe and improve the customer experience from the outset.Heras fencing with social distancing message, part of the site customer journey

Q3 – We have customers who have already moved in – how should we protect them?

A – encouraging site teams and new customers back onto sites needs to be managed carefully. Messaging that clearly defines where potential customers can and can’t go is important alongside specific protocols for visitors parking and  importantly what to do on arrival. Small signs in the gardens of occupied plots could also be used to deliver a ‘please be courteous to our residents – keep 2 meters!’ message.

Q4 – How do we manage car parks?

A – encouraging social distancing from the point of arrival is key – signage can be used to good affect and to clearly state the ‘rules of engagement’ for any visitors. Clearly marking out designated bays and messaging to confirm what to do on arrival could be used together with floor graphics to clearly define routes and ‘distancing’ requirements within the sales arena.

For a copy of our Covid-19 Signage Brochure please contact us directly using this link.

Social distancing floor graphics a key part of the customer journey

Q5 – It is possible that visits will be allowed by appointment only – how do we manage the ‘check-in’ process?

A – a ‘by appointment only’ protocol is a great way to reduce ‘customer fear factor’ alongside a clearly defined arrival and ‘check-in’ procedure. This can almost be a ceremonial ‘meet and greet’ to welcome and re-assure customers as well as the opportunity to pass on important safety information on sanitising, handwashing and how social distancing in the sales office and show homes will work.

Q6 – It’s important we re-enforce hygiene for anybody entering our marketing suite – is there best practise around this?

A – property marketing suites and show homes are full of high-touch points, therefore hygiene and hand sanitising will continue to be a part of the new norm – we have a range of branded standees and freestanding sanitiser units that can fit neatly into any marketing suite entrance.

For a copy of our Covid-19 Sanitiser Brochure please contact us directly using this link.

Picture of sanitiser unit in marketing suite

Q7 – Is there anything else we can do to protect our sales advisers when tending to visitors?

A – social distancing floor graphics are a clear and easy way to achieve this as are our range of made-ready screens that provide an unobtrusive way for parties to continue their conversations safely. Consideration should also be given to layout re-modelling – removing or re-positioning furniture to simplify the way the customer interacts with the sales team and promote more distanced discussions and move through potential.

Polycarboate distancing screens in a re-modelled marketing suite

Q8 – Our marketing suite has a customer WC facility – clearly, we should address this area?

A – absolutely – maintaining hygiene is key and providing handwashing facilities in addition to sanitiser stations can easily and cost effectively re-enforce this message and keep everyone safe.

WC mirror vinyls with wash hands message

Q9 – We have a number of show homes available for our customers – how would you recommend managing these?

A – show home arrangements are typically tightly planned and follow a one -way system from access pathways to the homes themselves. While sanitiser stations and clean down regimes should be employed, consideration could also be given to applying antibacterial films and coatings to high-touch surfaces to provide an additional layer of hygiene. Display graphics can also be printed with built-in antibacterial protection.

We have a new range of antibacterial coatings and films – contact us today if you would like to receive this brochure.

Q10 – It’s important that our site construction teams also follow the same protocols and messages – how do we do this?

A – we are already addressing the re-opening of construction projects with solutions for security gates, welfare areas, canteens and working arrangements. As such everything across marketing suites and site zones can easily be brought on brand thus improving the customer journey.

We’ve now answered a number of the most frequently asked questions in this customer journey FAQ. However if you have a different question or want further information – we’re here to help, just contact us today!

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