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Our experience in delivering decorated hoardings to the property and construction sector is second to none. In fact we’ve been designing, producing, and installing wide format signage and graphics for over 50 years, the reason why some of the country’s largest and most prestigious new build and regeneration developments have sought our assistance when it comes to hoardings.

Simple or bespoke with complex cut-outs, out team of experts are able to co-ordinate projects end to end consulting on everything from planning to structural design and material selection – you’re in good hands!

Our portfolio of high quality hoarding projects delivered by the Octink team includes hoardings at Millbank, The Shard, Battersea Power Station, Dollar Bay and Southbank Place.

“Great service. Account managers who are always willing to help. They have never disappointed me.”


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    Why should you choose Octink for your next hoarding project?

    We are your design, print, and installation team – all under one roof! We offer you a truly end-to-end service designed around you and your team. This means you’re only dealing with one supplier – and an industry trusted one at that. Our aim is to make your creative ideas a reality. Not only that, the team are the best in the business! Every project is and end-to-end service tailored to your needs.


    Firstly, The perfect hoarding starts with a good survey. Generally, this means defining levels, returns and sections.


    Secondly, planning the journey around a building site is crucial. Also, other branding and signage elements can be considered to create a co-ordinated scheme. We take all the steps to ensure we avoid headaches later by getting a solid plan together from the start.


    We work seamlessly with your chosen agency, providing them a perfect canvas from our survey. Alternatively, we have a highly experienced in-house design studio to create your hoarding design for you.


    Above all, we are passionate about the compliance of our work. We have developed an industry adopted standard to ensure both integrity and visual performance. This also includes the safety at work act 1974.

    Printing & Installation

    All our printed site and billboard advertising hoardings are produced in-house using the latest printing and laminating technology. After this, look no further than the dedication of our construction hoarding installers. Known equally for their experience and knowledge, they are considered the best in the business with a paramount approach to health and safety.


    Finally, hoardings are often the first point of reference for a scheme or site. Therefore, checks on all hoardings installed are advised. We are happy to provide this service to keep your hoarding looking great!

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