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Construction Site Hoardings

Whenever construction is taking place, measures need to be implemented that will keep those who may come into contact with the site safe.

Construction site hoarding panels are one of the best ways to secure the perimeter of the site, while simultaneously turning the site into a marketing asset, due to the vast array of designs and creative solutions that can be implemented onto the boards that will surround the location.

Octink are leading designers and installers of construction site hoardings in the UK. Our in-house print and installation teams can take care of every aspect of the hoarding process for you.

We specify, implement and manage construction hoardings, alongside our other services which include building wraps, retail solutions, signage and much more. Our projects span small scale installations right through to large construction sites and even major events.

Here’s an overview of our construction site hoarding process to shed light on what we do, alongside more information about the importance of hoarding.

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“We have really enjoyed working with the team at Octink. They are great at project managing and getting the work completed. Even with tight deadlines.”

– Countryside Properties UK Limited

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Why should you choose Octink for your hoarding?

A good place to start might be our 50 years in the business or the fact we’ve created hoarding solutions for some of the most highly recognised construction and advertising projects across London and the rest of the UK. This includes the likes of Battersea Power Station, Burberry, The Chelsea Flower Show and countless more. In fact, you’ve probably walked past an Octink creation or seen it in the background on TV without even realising it was by us! 

However, we’d actually like to focus on the one aspect of our service that we’re most proud of, and that is with every client brief we receive, we genuinely look to craft something that will defy expectations. 

We know that first and foremost, hoarding has a health and safety need that must be adhered to. So allow us to use our experience to remove this strain for you so that you can concentrate on the task at hand. 

But beyond this, our design team will oversee every aspect of the creative stage of the project with extreme attention to detail. We can even provide signage and display graphics to further enhance the site. In essence, if you need it – we’ll get it done and we’ll do so to the best of our abilities. 

It’s this complete start to finish service that sets Octink apart, which is why we’ve been enlisted to create hoarding for some of the most notable sites across London and beyond. 

Construction site hoarding By Octink – how the process works

We certainly don’t do things by halves here at Octink, as we can meet every need your construction site hoardings may require.

This includes taking care of everything from the initial site survey to the installation and maintenance of your hoarding. 

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Hoarding Site Survey

The first step of the hoarding process involves a comprehensive site survey which will be conducted by an experienced Octink surveyor. Our survey encompasses 20 individual points for consideration so that we are able to deliver the most suitable solution based on our findings.

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Hoarding Planning

From the results of the survey, we’ll get to work on devising a plan for your hoarding. We’ll bring our extensive regulatory knowledge to the table here, not to mention our unrivalled innovative solutions to create a plan that will far exceed expectations in all the right ways.

We’ll also factor in the customer journey to help you position your branding so that all bases are covered.

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Hoarding Design

The design of hoarding is one of its most noticeable features. As well as being informative, building site hoarding design helps to create anticipation about the works that are unfolding behind the boards.

Here at Octink, we can either work with your chosen agency by providing them with a perfect canvas from our survey. Alternatively for clients who would prefer we handle every aspect of the hoarding from start to finish, our exceptionally talented in-house designers can also create your hoarding design for you.

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Hoarding Calculations

When calculating the measurements for any hoarding installation, compliance with health and safety is at the top of our agenda. We pioneered what’s now become an industry adopted standard to ensure both integrity and visual performance of your hoarding.

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Hoarding Printing & Installation

As you may have noticed, the design of hoardings is incredibly large scale. No need to worry about finding a printer that can handle such capabilities, as all of your printing will be handled by our team in-house! This also means we can carefully oversee the print quality, to ensure that what goes up is exactly as intended. Aka, crisp, beautiful print!

Our hoarding installers are some of the best in the business, having worked on some incredibly high profile installations across the UK. We’ll give your hoarding installation the same level of care and attention we’re known for to ensure the site is safe and secure, as well as making sure it looks the part! 

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Hoarding Maintenance

Sitting on the boundary of a construction site, hoardings are often the first point of reference which is why regular checks are advised. We are happy to provide a maintenance service to keep your hoarding looking and performing at its best throughout its lifespan.

What To Consider When Choosing Temporary Hoarding

As noted above, the primary role of hoarding is to protect the public and this can be achieved by meeting various health and safety as well as planning regulations. 

The key points to note are that the hoarding must be able to withstand the conditions it is placed within so that it remains secure and cannot be knocked over or blown down. 

Here are some of the top questions to consider when approaching us for any temporary hoarding work for your construction site. 

How Long Does Your Temporary Hoarding Need To Last?

The hoarding needs to remain in place for as long as the construction project remains active, which may affect the materials chosen. Also, remember that the hoarding will likely be moved or change in size or shape as the project progresses, so it must possess the flexibility to allow for such adaptations. 

What Does Your Hoarding Need To Be Made Of?

Construction or building site hoarding can be made from a wide variety of materials. Traditional options include timber and steel, though environmentally friendly options such as PVC-U can also be sought. 

Ultimately, our prime concern is the structural integrity of the hoarding depending on where it will be placed and how long it will be required. 

Although our team will maintain your hoarding after it is installed, the material must remain stable without signs of damage or decay for it to be able to perform its duty. 

How Strong Do Construction Site Hoardings Need To Be?

Depending on the location of the hoarding, different materials or techniques may need to be used to guarantee its strength. 

As an example, an indoor retail location will not face high winds and other challenging weather conditions as an exterior construction site would.

How Big Does The Hoarding Need To Be?

We will consider the size of hoarding in terms of both height and width. While there are typical height standards we will generally work within, if any areas of the site pose a vulnerability threat (i.e if it could be easily scaled by an intruder), we may need to adapt the height of the hoarding to counteract this. 

Construction Site Hoarding FAQs

We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about construction site hoardings below. 

Don’t see your query? Please skip to the end of the page to find our contact information where the Octink team will be able to offer you further assistance.

What Is A Hoarding Wall?

A hoarding wall is a large temporary wall that is made of individual panels that are constructed around the perimeter of a building site. The panels can be made from painted wooden boards or high-quality printed free standing panels. 

If the hoarding is made by us here at Octink, it can even feature customised elements that quite literally, turn the hoarding into a history lesson or an intriguing piece of art for passers by! 
Take a look at the hoarding we created around Battersea Power Station to see what we do in action.

How Long Does Hoarding Take To Install?

The average time that hoarding takes to install is 72 hours. Though, as no two perimeter sizes or even hoarding sizes are the same, there’s never an exact timeframe we can give to cover each individual project. 

However, as our hoarding can be printed on-site (if you select to work with our designers) and we’ll be installing the hoarding for you, we can give you an estimate of the installation time frame once we know what we’re working with.

Hoarding Maintenance

Are Construction Site Hoardings Necessary?

Any construction sites that are deemed to be high risk legally require hoarding, as stated in the Construction Regulations 2015. 

The site must include a protective boundary to ensure the safety of the general public is not compromised due to the works taking place. 

Read more in our blog post ‘What is a hoarding and what is its purpose?’.


How High Is Hoarding? 

In order to meet health and safety requirements, construction hoarding usually stands at a height of 8 feet (or 2.4 metres). However, depending on the specific site, the hoarding may need to be taller than the standard height. 

Once our experts have conducted a site survey, we’ll be able to let you know more about the specifics of your hoardings.

Illuminated site hoarding at 250 City Road

Can Construction Site Hoardings Be Illuminated? 

In general, illumination within hoarding is not permitted. The only exceptions are when illuminated is created by static means, or includes no intermittent light source such as flashing lights or exposed cold cathode tubing.

However, as demonstrated in our illuminated signage video, we can incorporate aspects of illumination within your hoarding or signage, so long as it complies with regulations. As an example, we have used static lighting (which is permitted) in previous projects to help ensure advertising placed on hoarding is still visible at night. 

Neo-Bankside adverting hoarding with illuminated signage by Octink

Does Site Hoarding Require Planning Permission?

Yes, and hoarding also requires what’s known as ‘deemed consent’, as outlined in The Town and Country Planning (Control of Advertisements) (England) Regulations 2007. 

Deemed consent must be granted at least 14 days before the advertisement (hoarding) is due to be displayed, and a copy of the planning permission must also be submitted with the application. 

There are strict criteria of building site hoarding regulations that will determine whether deemed consent is granted or not, and some of the main points include: 

  • No advertisement shall exceed 38 square metres in area
  • No part of the advertisement may be more than 4.6 metres above ground level
  • The maximum display time for construction site hoarding is 3 years
  • No advertisement shall be displayed in a Limitations conservation area, a National Park, an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty or the Broads

Please rest assured that if you’re new to construction site hoardings, we will advise you on everything you need to know, and our in-house team of planners, designers and installers will ensure everything runs smoothly in terms of any aspects we will have direct involvement in.

Hoarding Maintenance

Building Site Hoarding UK – Temporary Wall Solutions By Octink

Octink is a leading designer and installer of construction site hoardings in the UK, with over 50 years in the business. We also specialise in advertising hoardings and bespoke hoardings. So whatever is taking place behind the boards, you can be sure the exterior of our signage and display graphics will set the tone for what’s to come! 

We’re based in Brentford, West London covering the whole of Central London, Greater London and the rest of the UK. 

If you have any questions on anything we’ve mentioned above, or if you’re ready to place an order please contact us on 020 8232 6865. Alternatively, you can drop us a message to let us know more details about your project. 
You can also see our work in action on our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages so be sure to give us a follow so you can keep up with all our latest news and projects.

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